Be Happy, Be Happy!

His Holiness Dalai Lama has written:”…today I am fortunate to have waken up…”.

Orveli follows


Orveli, coal drawing, 1973

Orveli, coal drawing, 1973

Everything is pleasure in spring,

summer, too, has good offering,

autumn’s red is the colour of  delight,

and winter fills me with joyful might.

Say what?


– I am a happy man.

Orveli, and

Mankind will lose

Today Orveli is more than worried about mankind’s way to rape its unique earth. The old poem below is  more and more real every day.


Orveli in darkness, January 17th 2015

Orveli in darkness, January 17th 2015

With all his missguided force,

Mankind srove to alter Eart’s course.

The ill – struck GLOBE’S gave a shrug

– in a second it had squashed the loathsome bug.

The GLOBE’S still runs it old course,

Mankind was nothing to Earth’s  force.

Orveli, 1985,