Your footprint grows every second!

A human footprint 1954 and 1979, Orveli, coal on paper 1979

A human footprint 1954 and 1979, Orveli, coal on paper 1979




Ihmisen jalan jälki vie tilan muiden elämältä.

Orveli pyrkii kulkemaan jälkiä jättämättä.


A human footprints extinguish other life.

Orveli seeks to walk without leaving footprints.


Orveli, 1979, and


Be Happy, Be Happy!

His Holiness Dalai Lama has written:”…today I am fortunate to have waken up…”.

Orveli follows


Orveli, coal drawing, 1973

Orveli, coal drawing, 1973

Everything is pleasure in spring,

summer, too, has good offering,

autumn’s red is the colour of  delight,

and winter fills me with joyful might.

Say what?


– I am a happy man.

Orveli, and

Creek and EU tomorrow and after…

Tomorrow there is an important day in Creek. Lets’s remember the case – Finland.



Orveli's stairs for Creek, January 18th, 2015

Orveli’s stairs for Creek, January 18th, 2015

Helsinki is beaten by a fearsome gust,

several greedy suits are about to go bust.

The country has spent its ill – loaned weath,

no gold to feed for hunger bankers’ health.


Orveli, 1993,,

photo: Orveli’s stairs

One Democracy

Orveli is wondering a word – democracy. Is there anywhere a real one? Here you can read one of Orveli’s poem  –


Orveli's winter in January 22nd, 2015

Orveli’s winter in January 22nd, 2015

They have a President, ministers,

and a multitude of lower lords.

yet were is he – that wretched one?

I he or she the highest in their courts,

the lord,

who chooses the President an his cohorts?

If only democracy world work this once and

give him or her a chance to choose new chords.

Orveli, 1984,,, photo: Orveli’s winter in January 22nd, 2015

Mankind will lose

Today Orveli is more than worried about mankind’s way to rape its unique earth. The old poem below is  more and more real every day.


Orveli in darkness, January 17th 2015

Orveli in darkness, January 17th 2015

With all his missguided force,

Mankind srove to alter Eart’s course.

The ill – struck GLOBE’S gave a shrug

– in a second it had squashed the loathsome bug.

The GLOBE’S still runs it old course,

Mankind was nothing to Earth’s  force.

Orveli, 1985,

Our only earth


Today Orveli’s day is stormy. People has lost their compass. Orveli wrote the poem – Compass – many decades ago.

The Compass

A call in the wind in Orveli's place, Orveli 2014, January 17th 2015

A call in the wind in Orveli’s place, Orveli 2014, January 17th 2015

South – child,

East – youth,

West – adult,

North – elder.


South – hunger,

East – lack,

West – weath,

North – abundance.


South – weeks,

East – screams,

West – leaps,

North – sleeps.


Orveli, 1982,

Today is a beautiful day


The best way to start Orveli’s blog is by quoting His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama:


Every day, think as you are wake up,

today I am fortune to have woken up,

I am alive, I have a precious human  life

I am not going to waste it,

I am going to use

all my energies to develop myself

The road to Orveli’s home in January 10th, 2015

to expand my heart out to others,

to achieve enlightenment for

the benefit of all beings,

I am going to have kind

thoughts towards others,

I am not going to get angry,

or think badly about others,

I am going to benefit others,

as much I can.”

That particular quote is the opening act of every day in Orveli’s life. He attempts to follow it – with varying degrees of success. Nevertheless, Orveli faces the challenges of every single day with His Holiness’ words in mind.

Orveli comments global events in his blog in his unique, frank and brusque manner.

Orveli hope that you to will stay along in this journey of life


As some may recall, Elvis Presley world have turned 80 this year. He was kind, generous and spiritual in life. ” Elvis lives.”